Book TWO – Rage on the Stage – eBook




The bass player’s dead, and no one’s talking.

When a member of a local punk band turns up dead at an infamous nightclub, it looks like a clear-cut case of band envy. Boston reporter Ali Loukas isn’t so sure.

Something smells off and with the help of her boyfriend and homicide detective, Ryan McGuire, Ali dons combat boots and a leather mini-skirt and goes undercover to sniff out the real killer. If she survives the disgusting ladies’ room, she just might track down the culprit.

This raucous cozy mystery is full of rock stars, punk bars, and screaming yellow guitars. Grab Rage on the Stage today to dive right into the mosh pit!

Content Note: PG equivalent – No profanity, no sex, no graphic violence.

This book was previously titled Drowned at the Rat.

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