Book FOUR – Murder Past Midnight – eBook




Sweet cannolis, fire eaters, and tickets to heaven.

There’s something for everyone at Boston’s First Night Festivities, but one man won’t live to see the new year.

Field reporter, Ali McGuire, chases end-of-the-world stories in the months leading up to Y2K, but nothing prepares her for the morning after, when a Catholic priest is found dead in an underground sanctuary, surrounded by weapons, cash, and stockpiles of food.

Police investigate the death of the corrupt clergyman and land on a suspect, but Ali’s behind-the-scenes access to the nights’ street performers and vendors shines a different light on the dead priest.

Sparks fly between the police and the press as Ali races to uncover the truth before an iconic local church is shut down and their beloved leader ends up wearing the wrong kind of collar.

If you love your mysteries twisty and fun to read, pick up Murder Past Midnight today.

This book was formerly published with the title First Night, Last Rites.

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