Book FIVE – Bag of Bones – eBook




Something’s going down at the mall, and it’s definitely not the price of the Vans on Maisey’s wishlist.


Sixteen-year-old Maisey’s first task as Lead Sales Associate at the accessory store seems simple enough: take down the Christmas decorations. But, when one of the display bags topples over, dumping a full set of human bones on a customer, she fears that task could be her last.

Chaos abounds at the Valley Mall, as police bungle the investigation and word gets around town—much to the dismay of the mall’s Media Relations Director, who also happens to be Maisey’s mom.

If Maisey wants to save her job—and her mom’s—she’ll have to shift her focus from price tags to toe tags to figure out who the skeleton belongs to and why the stockroom became its final resting place.

Tag along with Maisey and her mom, Emily as they navigate the inner workings of the local mall.

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