NEW Press Pass Cozy Mystery Series

It’s here!! The first book in the Press Pass Mystery series is available on amazon. Set in 1996 Boston, it’s a vintage cozy mystery. Get to know reporter Ali Loukas while she helps police solve a high profile murder. You may think ‘Big City’, but through Ali’s eyes, you’ll intimately experience the cozy little neighborhoods within the chaos of the bright lights. Get it on amazon today!
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COMING SOON! Previous Engagements – A Press Pass Cozy Mystery

Hey, Reader Friends!

My first fiction book will be released March 1st and I’m excited(and a bit nervous) to share it with you.

I started the first draft of this book in 1993 while living in Boston and working as a nanny. I wrote on the subway, on Cape Cod during summer working “vacations”, and on my time off when I spent a month traveling across the US by train. I finished the first draft a few weeks before I got married in 1998.

On Cape Cod where the action happens in my book, Previous Engagements.

Life changed and this book sat unedited on a shelf for more than 20 years. In that 20 years I learned more about the craft of writing. I took classes, attended conferences, read trade books. I wrote articles for magazines and ended up starting and growing my own publication. I helped author friends get their books polished for release, started writing a couple other novels and wrote one whole novel in 30 days for NaNoWriMo.

This past November I pulled this book out and decided it would be my first published fiction book.

Using the past 20 years of knowledge I gained, I revised and rewrote this mystery (now considered a cozy mystery for its clean light nature) and it is just about ready to go out into the world to entertain readers like you.

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What’s in the Works

Prep – A Survival Trek Novel

When a series of earthquakes reduces cities across the U.S. to rubble, Laine Grant, college freshman and daughter of a former Navy Admiral turned survivalist, sets out on foot with a family emergency procedure notebook and a go-bag that seems to weigh more than she does. Her goal is to make it home to the mountains of Montana, but instability and chaos greet her at every turn. Her carefully curated bag of survival gear serves her well until a run-in with foreign troops forces her to run and leave everything behind. Will she remember the skills her father taught her? Can she keep going and get back to her family alive?

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