New Press Pass Mysteries Available for Pre-order

Ready to jump from Y2K to 2020?

Books five through seven in the Press Pass Mystery Series are available for pre-order and from where we left off in book four, they will transport you twenty years into the future. If you wonder what happened with Thad and Chelsea, you’ll find out in Bag of Bones: At the Lakeside Mall. The fun continues with Point of No Returns: At the Lakeside Mall and Rack of Remorse: At the Lakeside Mall. You can get them at the special pre-order price until their release dates.


Something’s going down at the mall, and it’s definitely not the price of the Vans on Maisey’s wishlist.

Sixteen-year-old Maisey’s first task as Lead Sales Associate at the accessory store seems simple enough: take down the Christmas decorations. But, when one of the display bags topples over, dumping a full set of human bones on a customer, she fears that task could be her last.

Chaos abounds at the Valley Mall, as security bungles the investigation and word gets around town—much to the dismay of the mall’s Media Relations Director, who also happens to be Maisey’s mom.

If Maisey wants to save her job—and her mom’s—she’ll have to shift her focus from price tags to toe tags to figure out who the skeleton belongs to and why the stockroom became its final resting place.

Tag along with Maisey and her mom, Emily(Ali’s co-worker and confidant from first four books in the Press Pass Mystery Series) as they navigate the inner workings of the local mall.


Messy racks and treasure maps.

Sixteen-year-old sales associate Maisey Loukas finds more than she bargained for when she closes up shop for the night. Someone’s been hiding out in the stock room, and from the items they’ve left behind, it looks like Scrunchies and Hydro Flasks may not be only gems at the Lakeside Mall.

Maisey plans on taking the stowaway’s belongings to her Media Relations Director mom, but Taylor, ‘the boy next store’, has other ideas. Find the booty and go for the reward, or leave the treasure hunting to the authorities?

Hitch a ride with Maisey and Taylor as they make big decisions…and big mistakes.


What’s the opposite of shoplifting? Shopgifting?

Someone’s breaking into the formal dress shop at the Lakeside Mall, but they’re not stealing. They’re leaving gorgeous one-of-a-kind dresses in the display window.

Seventeen-year-old Sales Associate Maisey Loukas is curious, but mostly because the frocks are perfectly paired with paid-for merchandise from the accessory store. Mall Security isn’t quite so amused, and the Media Relations Director–Maisey’s mom–could do without the daily inquiries from the local press.

Who’s dropping these fashion bombs and more importantly, how do they have such impeccable taste?

Pre-order all three at their special pre-release price.

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