Drowned at The Rat is Free to Read in Kindle Unlimited!

Drowned at The Rat is available on Amazon! This second book in the Press Pass Mystery Series goes back to 1997, the time of punk and grunge rock and Steve Madden Slides! Check it out!


When the bass player of a local punk group turns up dead at the infamous night club known as The Rat, it looks like a clear-cut case of band envy. Boston reporter, Ali Loukas, isn’t so sure. Something smells off and with the help of her boyfriend and homicide detective, Ryan McGuire, Ali sets out to sniff out the real killer . . . or killers.

It’s 1997 and The Rat is slowly dying. Underground violence and cutthroat competition have become the norm, but Vinny G.’s death threatens to close the curtains. Can Ali help find the killer and save the club or will she end up six feet under?

If you love Mary Higgins Clark mysteries, get this book today!

Content Note: PG equivalent – No profanity, no sex, no graphic violence.

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